There’s no doubt about it, 2009 has been a rough year for many people, their families and businesses. During this time of hardship, we are so grateful to you, our loyal costumers, for all of your continued support. It’s because of this support that we continue to produce product of the highest quality at all ends of our business. Times may be tough but things have definitely not slowed down here at the Blair Estate organic farm. We are taking this opportunity to fine tune our operations. Here’s a peek into what’s been going on this year.

Tobacco Harvest

It’s been another beautiful tobacco season for the Kauai Cigar Company with gorgeous weather producing exceptional tobacco leaf. Everything went so smoothly as we really have gotten into a rhythm with our tobacco production but things almost didn’t go so well. Shortly after this season’s tobacco harvesting was complete and all of the beautiful leaves were safely stored for curing, a heavy storm hit our island. Heavy rains brought a flash flood from the river directly behind our tobacco field with a force that temporarily disabled a neighboring bridge. The flash flood brought debris all the way through our field that surely would have destroyed most of our crop. Thanks to our group of hardworking employees, timing and luck, we had completely finished picking our tobacco before the storm hit and escaped with no damage at all. It was a good reminder of why we stick to harvesting in the summer months when there is perfect Hawaiian weather.

Kauai Tobacco Company was recently invited to participate in the Kilohana Plantation’s agricultural train tour. The Kilohana train tour travels trough nearly 100 acres and offers a look into Kauai’s agricultural history and future. We were dedicated a section of land to present our tobacco to the many visitors who come from around the world to enjoy this train tour. We are honored to take part this type of agricultural education and although tobacco prefers the summer months, a winter test plot has been planted for display.

Thanks to one of two Kauai Agricultural Development Program grants awarded by the USDA sponsored Garden Island Resource, Conservation & Development group, the box, bands, and liners for our Grand Alii Cigar have been produced. The Grand Alii is our upcoming 100% Kauai Grown and Made cigar and everything is looking smooth for a 2010 launch. The GIRCD funded 80% of the graphic design, box manufacturing, bands, and liners for the Grand Alii’s limited release. A big Mahalo to them and to all the work they do.


In preparation for the Grand Alii, our upcoming 100% Kauai Grown and Made cigar, we have been busy exploring the wonders of tobacco fermentation. Unlike past tobacco harvests, where we would have our cured tobacco shipped to Nicaragua for fermentation, this year’s tobacco harvest has stayed on Kauai to ferment. There are many methods of tobacco fermentation used around the world and we have been experimenting, trying to find the perfect combination that satisfies our high tobacco standards while taking advantage of the natural climate conditions of Kauai. We are getting exciting results and feel very confident about the future.

Coffee Mill

The second of two Kauai Agricultural Development Program grants awarded to us by the USDA sponsored Garden Island Resource, Conservation & Development group, funded 80% of our new coffee mill and classifier. This beautiful machine was purchased from Colombia and has been put to good use. How did we ever get by without it?

Exclusive Farm Tours in the Spring

Due to overwhelming popular demand, we are very excited to reintroduce the Blair Estate organic coffee and tobacco farm tour in the spring of 2010. Visitors of our 2 hour informative farm tour can look forward to a detailed explanation of our coffee and cigar creating process from seed to consumption, live cigar rolling demonstrations, a complimentary Kauai cigar and all the Blair Estate organic coffee you can drink. We look forward to once again sharing our knowledge and passion with our farm visitors surrounded by the most magnificent scenery on the island. And of course, all of our fine products will be available for purchase at our farm store. Be on the lookout for our official announcement in early 2010 and be ready for lots of fun, learning and aloha. Tours will be held in small private groups by appointment only to maintain the most enjoyable personal experience we can provide.

We Are Pleased to Introduce

There is a new faces that popped up around the farm this last year and we are lucky to have Tai Erum joining the team. Tai is the Operations Manager for the Kauai Cigar Company, Roast Master for Coffee Times and all around farm hand for our organic farm. In early 2010, he will be spending six weeks in Nicaragua’s tobacco country to gain experience from the cigar masters. During his stay, he will be focusing on the skillful techniques of hand rolling a premium cigar in anticipation for our Grand Alii, 100% Kauai Grown and Made cigar. Of course, he will also be studying all other methods used by his hosts in the production of a fine cigar, from seed to consumption. Welcome and good luck Tai.

As we near the end of this year we want to thank you for your continued business, loyalty and trust. In exchange, we are committed to providing you with the excellence you’ve come to expect from us. Thanks again.

From everyone here at LBD coffee, we wish you all the best in 2010!

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